How to make a cranked gametype?

So as some of you who have played call of duty ghost may know. there is a gametype called “cranked”. basicaly to start the match, and you have 30 seconds to kill someone. then after every kill you get 30 seconds again, timer runs out. you blow up. so i really wanted to make a gametype like this in halo 4. first i though the hot potato timer on the oddball would be perfect. except you can only get melee kills. and i cant find a way to reset the timer without passing it to a team mate. then my idea was, (this would only work on a forge map, not a default/dlc map) would be to make closed boxes with inital spawns in them away from the map. everybody initially spawns inside a killball. then the game procedes from respawn points inside the map. and using respawn traits so that everyone has a shield decay which i (using some testing and a watch) could set to thirty seconds. but if your shields decay your health wouldnt decay. would it? if anyone else has any ideas cause i REALLY like the idea of a super fast paced gametype like cranked. but i can find a way to reset the respawn settings like a clock in cranked. thanks.

Only problem is a killball will instantly kill you unless you’re invulnerable, and I don’t believe there is a health decay trait. I think you would have to “cheat” to make a gametype like that. I’m not trying to hate but if you like cranked, just play CoD.

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Download Rush Slayer, its on youtube and xbox chaos. It is a (modded, of course) gametype in the place of cranked that has all of its features.

no. absolutely not younowho. i will not play cranked (halo 4 version) with you in custom. that just sounds awful…oh god.