How to Level the Battle Pass Fast

Starting Point

If you are trying to level your Battle Pass and finding it difficult or time-consuming follow this guide. If you are a person who has paid for the premium Battle Pass or participated in the Monster and Rockstar Energy drink promotions then this will make it somewhat easier. If you have not done any of these things or just bought the base Battle Pass this guide will help you out.

How to use your Challenge Swaps Effectively

If you get a challenge that seems too difficult swap it out with something easier for example I couldn’t get 5 kills with a Shade turret because I suck and I swapped for something new which got me Get 25 kills with the Sidekick.

How to use your XP Boosts Effectively

The XP Boost in Halo Infinite is a little different than other games as XP is tied to the Battle Pass (for now.) Before slapping on your XP Boost take a look at your challenges and look at your progress for each challenge. How close are you to completing them? Can you get them in the next game? The only time I use an XP Boost is if I know I will get the challenge in the game, another thing I do is stack challenges ready for completion that I can earn in the next game, so I will complete anywhere from 1 - 3 challenges in a single game which gives me value for the XP Boost.


I know people are complaining about the progression system and it being slow. Although it has its flaws it is not as slow as everyone makes it out to be. The game is a day old and people are still experimenting with it and seeing what we can do. I hope this guide helps you out.

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You won’t get much love on this post, but all I want to do at the end of the day is play Halo. Thanks for the tips.

My tip is that if you are going to buy the Battle Pass, use Microsoft Rewards points to buy an Xbox Gift Card and use that to purchase your pass. I bought a $10 gift card with MS Rewards points and only ended up spending $0.74 on applicable sales tax in my state.


I don’t care much about receiving love on the post but letting people know how to level the battle pass faster may help, I’ve hit level 56 on the battle pass using these methods so I figured why not share it.


Been telling folks about this for years now. Shame how much they raised the points for a free month of XBL this year. I was earning a free month of XBL for almost every month for the past 6 years from Bing/MS reward points.

But yes the gift cards are a great way to pay for battle pass every season. Good idea mate!

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Thanks for the tips especially the stacking idea.

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The guide is nice mate, but unfortunately the fundimental problems with the progression system remain regardless of time invested. The player shouldn’t be forced to play challenges to progress, especially in a game giving us such a robust sandbox to play in.

Your guide falls short for me when it’s a flaw in the challenge system and the matchmaking system itself that hinders most play. If I have a challenge swap that I’ve either payed for or unlocked and I use it on say a shade turret challenge, if I get another saying 'do XYZ in Slayer’s I can’t complete this until I get a slayeratch in the queue so it’s impossible to predict the perfect timing for the boost use. And sure I can hold my boost until challenges are nearing completion but then if it’s to get 10 kills I’ll get to 9 and feel like I need to stop because I haven’t activated my boost yet. If that makes sense.

I see where you’re coming from with the guide and I certainly appreciate your positivity and suggestions but the flaws baked into the system itself need to change. Players should be rewarded for skillful play and winning, not purposefully going off the objective to get shade kills or commando kills.

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No problem glad it helped, and the Microsoft rewards was actually how I paid for the battle pass. People need to sign up for it.

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Couldn’t agree more with you on the system and I think everyone also does too, but I was just trying to help people out with the battle pass, I’ve always been a glass half full.

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