How to let people have their silly customizability, but still retain the aesthetic integrity of the halo series

I’ve seen many examples of games dying due to becoming obnoxious due to customizability.
In Halo infinite, the kill effect with the orange skull was already quite obnoxious, as well with the flame particles.
There’s an easy solution to keep the game from becoming an obnoxious spam of particles and silly looking spartans.

We choose what customization options we want to see.
Being able to hide any armor options we want, allow the game to be what each individual player wants it to be.
Do you only want silly armor? Remove all the cannon friendly ones!
Do you want cannon friendly armor? Remove all the silly ones!

Others of course can still choose to buy them or see them, me personally would like to respect halo infinite for the game it’s supposed to represent, a respectable shooter.
I wonder what the community thinks of this idea, and what counter arguments there are for this.
Thanks for reading

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Is there a way to turn off the orange skull? I thought it was apart of the game. It’s horrible. I can’t stand seeing it. It feels like a kids game


I don’t want to be perceived as a default armour character just bc people don’t like cat ears. The more customisation the better.

I will agree, however, that the skull death animation is annoying and shouldn’t be a thing.


I’m hoping Grunt Birthday becomes a death effect. I know it might still be a little distracting, but I’d much rather see that everywhere than the skull.


I don’t think our customisation options should affect other people’s death animations. I’d like the grunt Birthday party for ourselves for sure though!


Gotta say I know its dead now, at least on xbox but PUBG did silly the right way

I personally only have it on the sniper with how bad the aiming is on it its just embarrassing to be killed by it. However i do cringe every time I’m killed by someone using it on their AR

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I did mention specific armor customization options, so you wouldn’t be seen as a grey default spartan, just the customization options you have that they want hidden wouldn’t be displayed, would that still bother you perhaps?

Or, 343 can offer what they said they would instead of playing their childish games.

Yeah true, but children these days don’t care about halo, let alone the aesthetic integrity of this beautiful series. And going the fortnite route makes these silly customisability options necessary, so we can at least compromise by having us be able to hide the specific armour pieces we find abhorrent.

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Ok realy as much as I joke about anyone getting hurt by cosmetics, the “kill effects” better be tuned down a lot or be only on the side of the user.
The best argument is “My cosmetics don’t change YOUR game that much” but the kill effects are directly attacking a players screen all the time… And it does look terrible.

But some people would argue that killing the look of halo destroys the game too, like people like me want to play halo because it’s halo, not because it’s the same multiplayer game with 10.000 silly characters running around shootimg rainbow guns.

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