How to keep Fractures interesting

To those of you who played Week 3 of the Fracture Entrenched event, you may have noticed or realized something. 343 has once again not added anything new to keep players coming back for each Fracture rotation.
This is a problem for 343 and the game. 343 loses money because no one is coming back to check out the Fracture event. Therefore, the playercount also stays low because no one wants to do Fiesta/Land Grab for the 4th time.

So, I thought of a simple way for people to try out the Fracture events each time they come around, and how Entrenched can use it too.
Basically, in the next Fracture event (Season 3), instead of 6 weeks of whatever the new gamemode is, they add something different. For example, Weeks 1 and 2 are the same as they are now (AR starts), but then, Week 3 and 4 introduce something new (BR/Commando Starts), and finally, on week 5 and 6 the gamemode gets something to trump the previous two (Fiesta starts, Rocket Launcher starts, etc.).
So, instead of each Fracture being the same, we get some slight variations added into the Fracture rotation. These can be limited time, or added to permanent rotation afterwards (or with community feedback).

Since Entrenched has already been going for 3 weeks, they can’t do the 2 week add on I’m proposing. However, they can still do something for the second half of this Fracture. For the second half they can add BR/Commando starts. This will entice people who want BR starts, while also keeping the game “casual”.


Good ideas but that would require effort and creativity, and 343 only offers that stuff in incredibly low amounts.

Nope, it seems we’ll be playing Land Grab until Season 3(we might get one more event before then)… they didn’t even do another Last Spartan Standing event lol was the new BTB map Breaker and LSS not that well received by players or what? Isn’t the Interference Event the main multiplayer event? Season 2 has been just as crappy as Season 1… they even added some random multiplayer narrative that told an even more half baked story than Infinite’s campaign.

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Well, the ideas I proposed require little to no coding. You could probably do it in custom games. And I think that 343 is more capable than they have appeared to be.

I think that the next event is the Alpha event. Perhaps we’ll be getting more LSS there.

They require effort and creativity, which 343 lacks.

Well, it’s true… otherwise they would have whipped out “their trusty protractors” and created a finished game.