How to improve warzone...

First lets start by noting the good, Warzone is a fun fast paced game type that adheres to both PvP and PvE players. (more PVP than PvE) The bosses are very well designed and challenging, the different bases to capture force players to play the objective to prevent the opposition from getting in their base. The AI that are in bases and around bosses aren’t weak and mindless. They don’t mess around and will put you down if you are not careful enough.The Requisition packs are a great addition to halo and fit right in with the gameplay, they can turn the tide of battle if a team uses them at the right time. The maps are small enough to encounter foes often but not like a SWAT match and big enough to allow tanks and warthogs to be used effectively.

Now for the bad. First lets get to the AI, 343 pitched warzone to be this, well, warzone there are hardly any if any at all AI roaming the actual battlefield the stick to the bases and small perimeter around the boss they spawn with.I was under the impression it would be similar to titanfall when the AI are everywhere and are fighting their own mini battles around the map. making the AI similar to titanfall would improve the action, fun, and pace of warzone. Second is the matchmaking. I’ve been match up with teammates that are visibly not at my skill level. I’m not saying i’m a pro, but i’m definitely not new to this game at all, i don’t know why warzone is not similar to arena in the fact that arena is ranked and you have to play so many games to rank up and get paired with people in your rank. more evenly match made teams would motivate me to jump in warzone solo rather than almost exclusively with my 6 or 7 buddies. Finally, Spawning, this goes for all gametypes but mostly warzone. It is very easy to spawn trap the opposition in warzone simply by capturing 2 of the 3 points and camping on a door or cliff, the enemy team is left spawning at home base only to met by a barrage of bullets and grenades whenever they try to advance. this is especially relevant on the map escape from A.R.C and a little bit on march on stormbreak.

I hope this can get out there and read by the community. this is by no means a rant or an attack on the gametype I love Warzone and the idea behind it, I’ve had a blast playing this with all my friends.i just want to be able to hop in solo and stand a chance and to see this gametype improve and be relevant in halos to come.

Another thing that needs to be addressed is how they give the points of bosses defeated. As it is right now, there is no reward for a team to do all the work when the enemy team can wait for the boss to have 1 point of health left and use a power weapon to leech the points away. I don’t give a flying frick if they did they did the killing blow, if my team did 99% of the damage, we should get 99% of the points.

Yes I think more AI needs to be implemented for sure. To add incentive for groups to stop camping bases and too help rack up points for your team. Boss spawns are good but like you I was expecting a constant stream of normal npcs roaming the map. I also feel bosses that push into bases would help the game not turn into a brutal base camp fest.

Something that would be nice would be the ability to spawn on your fire team like in battlefield or at least have an indicator above the people in your fireteam. When playing with friends we spend so much better time asking each other “where are you” haha because we want to hop in a vehicle together or raid a base.

I would personally love to see small skirmishes between allied marines and enemy A.I or even the oppositions marines. Or even have small raiding parties attack the held bases. Make it more interesting.