How to improve the progression system

The general consensus so far among the people on waypoint is that they don’t like the current progression system and customization system, and I find myself agreeing with them. But thats what this beta is for, so that 343 can adjust the game according to our feedback. Realistically, I don’t think 343 would be able to completely change the cutomization system. However I feel that the progression system can still be saved without overhauling it.

Playing normal matches should grant us xp (whether it is a fixed amount or based on your performance in the match). Weapon and vehicle kills should be daily challenges and not weekly challenges. Weekly challenges should be something more difficult that would take you a while to complete, such as getting a certain amount of medals (such as double/triple kills or even perfect).

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The challenges don’t need to be changed to be harder or longer they need to work and not take so long. Specific weapon/vehicle kills bounties need to be more generic like precision kills or cqc not hey splatter someone with the repulsor 5 times or get multi kills on players who are also pinged by the recon dart. They also need to reward more exp.