How to improve the Halo 4 Magnum (pistol)

Improvements to make the Magnum more important and significantly different from the DMR.

[/li]- Each initial shot is 100% at the center of the crosshair, nothing random

  • 2 headshots to destroy the energy shield, then a third headshot to finish off the opponent.
  • 4 bodyshots to destroy the energy shield, 1 headshot to finish off the opponent.
  • Stronger recoil when players fire rapidly, putting more emphasis on precision

It would also bring back some memories from the Halo: CE pistol, only this time it takes more skills to pull off kills with 3 shots (all headshot, while before it was 2 bodyshots, then one headshot).

The Sniper Rifle already works like this, headshot inflict more damage than bodyshot, so it should be quite easy to replace the code for the Magnum.

I think the magnum is fine as it is, its my favorite secondary and I don’t want it changed, just my opinion.

I disagree entirely.

First, shields take damage the same no matter where they get shot. The reason the Sniper can kill with one headshot is because the sniper shot does more damage then there is shields, so damage bleeds through to the head = instant death.
Second, I see nothing wrong with the magnum now, it does exactly as it is supposed to. The only reason no one uses it is because there is literally a 2-shot per clip shotgun that can take its place.
Third, does this game even have recoil?

The magnum is fine its just that the other guns are too good for there roles.