How to improve Social and Ranked matchmaking

Hello !

I am a long time Halo and general FPS player and I have an idea to improve matchmaking for both Social and Ranked.

I would love to see 343 implement fewer static playlists, AND add a “preferences slider” for Social playlists, that allows me to give a weighted value to the game modes in a given playlist.

How it would work

For example, consider these playlists and their sub-bulleted game modes:

  • Team Slayer
  • Arena / Quick Play
    • Oddball
    • CTF
    • KOTH
    • Land Grab
  • Duos
    • Slayer
    • Oddball
  • Etc etc etc.

Now, imagine a preference slider in player preferences or the lobby:

  • Social Arena
    • Oddball: 100% (strongly preferred)
    • CTF: 25% (weakly preferred)
    • King of the Hill: 50%
    • Fiesta: 0% (not preferred)
    • Land Grab: 25%

Next, I search for a Social Quick Play game and 343 does a best effort to match me (or my lobby) according to my preferences. Players are still bucketed into the major playlists. The player is playing more games that they prefer to play.

Ranked playlists, on the other hand, would remain equally weighted to maintain a true “jack-of-all trades” competitive philosophy of Halo Infinite.

In this system, the major playlists are both Ranked and Social, and there is an equal incentive to play Social or Ranked. Social has a more tailored experience. Ranked has a truly competitive experience and the player can enjoy the prestige of earning rank.

On that note, rank should be displayed more ubiquitously in the game and on the app. It should appear on player profiles, next to player names in social scoreboards, etc.


Halo multiplayer is incredibly fun but the playlist situation leaves a LOT to be desired. There are so many great game modes and players should have greater choice for competitive play, such as Team Slayer, Team Snipers, Tactical, and Duos. Likewise, players should be playing more Social game modes that they actually enjoy.

I envision this system as keeping the player base whole, by using fewer static playlists, but giving the player the ability to control the probability of what game type they will encounter for Social modes. Fewer static playlists also means that we can have more Ranked options. Each playlist will have a Social and Ranked.

Playlists Today:
Social Quick Play
Social Team Slayer
Social Big Team Battle
Social Bot Bootcamp
Social Team Snipers
Social Land Grab
Social Last Spartan Standing
Social Rumble Pit
Social Fiesta
Social Tactical
Ranked Arena > Solo / Duo or Crossplay

Team Slayer > Social or Ranked
Arena > Social or Ranked
Duos > Social or Ranked
Solo > Social or Ranked
Big Team Battle > Social
343 Labs > Social
Recreation > Social

And here is how I envision the groupings:

Team Slayer (Team Snipers, Slayer)
Arena (KOTH, Oddball, Strongholds, Attrition, Land Grab)
Duos (Slayer, Oddball, etc)
Solo (Slayer, Oddball, Last Spartan Standing (?))
343 Labs (all-new modes like Last Spartan Standing, Attrition, etc.)
Recreation (Fiesta, Grif Ball, Zombies, Bot Bootcamp)

Thanks for taking the time to read!