How to improve Halo Infinites Sandbox without Content?

Every video I see talks about the same thing… No new content or the lack of content. But I think people are approaching Halo Infinite the wrong way… “Content” doesn’t make the gameplay… the sandbox makes the gameplay fun regardless of “Content”.

This game would be 1000% better playing the same maps if the sandbox was improved.

"Map design, we have horrible map movement. Always the same route where people can always predict where the enemy will come… the matches feel exactly the same rather than past Halo’s 2 & 3 feel different each match on the same map. Why because we had more routes, teleports, etc.

Fix situational (risk vs reward) example being able to hold the flag and use your weapon but you cant sprint. Being able to throw the flag and kill someone. (limit distant) & (limit times you can throw it).

Gadgets - add new types that change gameplay. Example: Holding bubble shield 15 secs but you can only hold it for your team. Like a riot shield… (Something that has risk vs reward) the risk not being able to shoot but the reward could be helping your team go in for a flag or score an objective.

Power Weapons/Power up - Stop placing Power weapons and Power ups by each other… Have powers up and power weapons be in different areas of the map so a full team cant get both if you die… Example would be Ivory Tower (Rockets in the middle) (Over-shield on the ramp) & (Sniper up top) (Sword at bottom) this allows for better more fair strategic movement rather than Bazaar with the Power up and Power Weapon being across from each other a good team can kill the other team and have both which then gets spawn camped until powers up and power weapons comes back… add teleports change weapon placement and power up placement.

Let me hear your ideas to make this game better! Stop watching Youtube videos about “lack of content”… Look at Halo 2 (Zero Customization, Zero Forge) not many maps at launch but was amazing… why because it was addictive and the gameplay was amazing.

Lets turn Halo Infinite into that addictive gameplay that we all miss.

Bring your ideas!!

Halo 2 had content because they had more maps and more playlists.

Halo infinite could play dramatically differently if they just allowed us to play classic gametypes in playlists like team double or team snipers. Maps is the key to the long game imo but for now making a team doubles is basically a give me with little effort from the team

Make every color choice for emblems apply for all emblems. As in there could be a green/white/orange color that other emblems do not have for example. There’s content right there without adding anything new.