How to improve Halo Esport for spectators

Hello everyone.

Let’s get started. Halo Infinite is from gameplay standpoint a very good game and has a huge competitive and Esport potential. Last qualifiers (Anz, EU and NA). Second wave of qualifiers is starting at the moment. What strikes me is that Halo Infinite is a huge success but its Esport still has trouble to bring good viewerships. Especially for its first ever tournament. ANZ tournament today had around had around 6.6k viewers (on youtube) which is not bad but so little compared the most little tournament of CSGO. I was wondering why and as I was watching the three first qualifiers I tried to pay attention at my viewer experience.

From hosting point of view, there’s not really a problem. All casters are great, especially during EU with Shyway. They are very good at filling blanks during technicals issues or to give information and explaining new stuff and legacy strategies and things like that.

Rules are good too. New competitives settings for Infinite are excellent. 2 round oddball is very suspensfull as well as the changes in stronghold where you can gain points only when you have at least two bases.

However during my watching experience I felt several things were lacking. I felt that the stream was good to show us duel but very weak to give an overview of the game and what were teams actual strategies and positionning. I also felt the spectating mode wasn’t accurate and did not show precisely were players were firing. Sometime I also wanted to follow a specific player and was frustrated I could not. The results is that Halo Esport is actually really hard for newcomers or even not very good players to follow because they can’t really get a feel of the gameplay deepness without the commentator’s help.

To understand how to improve that let’s take a look at what CSGO does and why without knowing anything you still have a better undestanding of what’s going on in opposition to Halo. There’s a map overview that shows players’s movement in real time. But not only that. It shows utilities, shows colors teams distinctingly, etc. And the spectating mode they use render more accurately the shots of the players. Also pros matches are casted directly within the game’s menu so the player can actually spectate the match directly from within the game. The game also offers the CSGO that allow the player to choose its own camera angle and pro players perspective to follow.

What lessons Halo can learn from CSGO?

On youtube and Twitch:

  • Halo needs a map overview to help the viewer understand player positioning and rotations in real time. It is essential 343 manages to do something like this one day because as good Halo Esport is, it is too fast paced and difficult to follow for newcomers. This map can be easily placed where is usually the radar that is not there in ranked so no hidden information here for the viewer. Players position awareness is required for a viewer’s better enjoyment of a tournament and I don’t think seeing other players through walls is enough right now since most of the time you can’t see all players in the screen.

  • Shooting must be represented in a more accurate way. It must be achieved by an overall improvement of spectating mode.

In the game:

  • Halo Infinite must have an equivalent of CSGO with a place in the menus dedicated to streaming Esport so pro matches can be followed by players like in CSGO in between games without having to quit. Furthermore, from a business point of view this is a win-win. Players are more likely to keep playing after being hype by a pro match or even to throw a bit of money in the shop to support teams (so do it 343)
  • The game require a CSGO TV like. This Halo TV must allow player to watch pro matches directly from the game by litteraly spectating the pro matches with an integrated spectator mode so the player can choose which player he follows and rewatch other players matchs to study pro strats.

Thanks for reading. Halo Esport is great but there are still areas of improvement for viewers awareness. I hope 343 will manage to make Halo Esport even more appealing in the future.