How to improve Halo 5's customization UI.

I have an idea to greatly improve the Halo 5 UI for Spartan customization.

  • Merge Helmet & Armor sections into one. - Make this new list in 2x2, with helmets on the top row, and their matching armor piece below it. Still going left to right. - Organize this new list in the same way the REQ Collection menu is; by alphabetical AND rarity. NOT in what you’ve recently unlocked. - Add a button to favorite armor and helmets. Then have an option to press ‘Y’ to see only your Favorites in their own menu. - Organize Emblems, Visors, Stances, Assassinations, and weapon skins into alphabetical and rarity also. - (suggested by Oowoon) Put all armor variants of a singular set into a submenu to cut down on space. ( like the way Reach had it’s helmet attachments organized) - In Warzone, have our loadout and armor mod Reqs organized in rarity.With this new UI change, it may be hard to find your newly unlocked items. The solution to that is to add a yellow triangle indicator of a new item. (Like the one in Warzone of your equipped weapon)I really hope you see this 343i and take it into consideration. I’m a huge Halo fan, and only wish to see it grow and improve. I believe that this system here can be a huge improvement over what’s currently in Halo 5. Sincerely, Sir Forti of Fireteam Hospitalier

Update: Now that we have a new community manager, who listens to us quite well; I urge you to tweet this topic at @ske7ch if you like this idea. Thank you.
Update 2: I’ve made this topic once before, but it got locked (apparently forums don’t like bumping) I heard it was ok to start new topics though. (Forums are confusing) and quick disclaimer, this new topic does include new ideas. Not just a copy and paste.