How to improve halo 4

Halo 4, like stated in another post, should be built off of halo 3, not reach. I think sprint should stay in the game, because it isn’t really an armor ability, just something anyone should be able to do. Armor lock of course should be removed, as well as jetpack and being able to spawn with active camo. Having a jetpack ruins the purpose for the map’s design. Why make stairs when you can just fly up there?
One good thing I can say about reach is that forge was greatly improved in it. We should be able to have weather options, and be able to spawn water. Animations would be a very nice addition to forge, and would be great for machinimas. You could set a longsword to crash in the map at any time, dropping weapons and ammo for infection. Or, we could have buttons in the map, that when pushed, could make something else happen on the map. Discuss.