How to get to onyx in Team arena/slayer?

Hello guys, I’m pretty new to this game and my ultimate goal is to get Onyx in Team slayer/arena someday. Any Tips from Onyx players on how to practice and what to learn specifically to play on a high competetive level? Basically what skills differentiate average players from competetive ? Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hey man, not an Onyx on this account. Was a mid level Onyx on my old account in both Arena and Slayer. My highest Onyx was in 1800s. That account is named Mr Wizdumb. Nonetheless some helpful advice; I’ll try to make everything actually useful and spare anything too obvious.

  • Learn the Callouts: Although this seems extremely obvious. The importance behind this outweighs just how obvious it may seem. Knowing where people are is heavily helps your decision making. Like whether you should push an area or play passively. Knowing where easy one-shots are that you can pick off will likely get you at least a couple free kills a game. - Utilize all Weapons: You definitely have to be on point with ur pistol. And obviously the power weapons. But something a lot of players overlook is the other weapons on map. Know where u can snag a BR or carbine. Don’t overlook the scattershot, boltshot, noob combo, smgs, storm rifles, the hydra. They are all fantastic if used right and separates the decent players from the good players. - Time Powerups!!: If the map has OS or invis it is vital your team controls them! Especially Camo!! Let your teammates know if they are coming up in the next 20-10 seconds. And state the time you picked it up when you do. “Got Camo at 7:50, next one spawns at 5:50!” If you aren’t familiar with how to time power ups, they are up at the start of the map, definitely have ur team push them off spawn. They spawn after 2 minutes of every time you pick them up. So a typical match the power ups spawn: GAME START, 9:50, 7:47, 5:45, 3:40, 1:40. - Button Layout**:** Although changing your button layout and/or getting an elite controller is completely optional and can be expensive, it can really make the world of difference. Having jump, thrust, melee and Smartscope on bumpers/triggers helps a ton. Jump and thrust specifically can help a ton on 1v1 encounters. Being able to hop and thrust while BRing someone and winning encounters you shouldn’t will make games where you go 12-10. To 14-8. - Play with a team: finding people whos schedules match up with yours, are close to ur skill level, and have good personalities can be a struggle. But having a consistent and reliable group you exclusively play with is another obvious, but absurdly important aspect to getting a high rank. You get a feel for their playstyles. You learn to callout better, and all tend to do better game in and game out.Anyways. I hope these tips were helpful. They might have seemed a bit obvious which I didn’t want them to, but hopefully they at least emphasized just how important these aspects are. If you do a good job with each bullet point. Collectively, they should tack on a couple of kills extra a game and save you a few deaths as well. Which may not sound like much, but as I mentioned earlier, a 12-10 game is good. But 14-8 is great!

if your looking to run some MM sometime definitely add me and hmu!