How to get the Bandanna skull

Steps to get the bandanna skull.

  1. Play by yourself. The weapons and shields don’t respawn with you. The only down side is you have to listen to cortanas line “wait this isn’t the map room!” If you play with a buddy you will be required to restart the checkpoints numerous times.
  2. Clear out the security room while leaving an over shield.
  3. Access the control panel and leave the building. You will hear about a pelican crashing.
  4. Jump down from the cliff by sliding down a rock on the cliff face.
  5. Walk to the pelican and pick up the rocket launchers.
  6. go back up into the island and back to the security room.
  7. grab an over shield.
  8. position your self so you’re back is facing the skull.
  9. Jump and give your self about half a sec before you shoot the floor.
  10. If done correctly you will land on the tunnel. may take a few tries.
  11. if playing with a friend have him jump of and respawn with you.

This is a lot quicker then the slim chance of the grenade jump. Though the grenade jump teaches you patience and MUCH tolerance, the rocket launcher is still the most efficient way to get the best skull in the halo series. Remember to go back to old graphics to be amazed.

See you on the flip side
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it took me quite a few tries to get it, but i got it…only problem was i completed the entire game, campaign and achievements back in July.

Or you can sit in the window and let your buddy spawn on your head.

> Or you can sit in the window and let your buddy spawn on your head.

What he said. Rocket jumping is still very tough for some of us otherwise-veteran players.

yea, like i77 said, rocket or grenade jumping is a pain in the rear. Getting a guest on the bottom and you spawn on top is better. I’ve done it to get several skulls and it works like a charm.