How to get past errors in windows store halo 5 pc.

Hello this is a topic about how to download and sideload halo 5:forge for windows 10 anniversary edition. Only use this if you are getting the error codes when first downloading the app through the official app store for windows 10.
(please note mod’s I glanced through the rules topic and saw nothing against this sort of guide. Please delete ASAP if against some obscure rule to mention torrents.)
Windows 10 anniversary edition update(google it!)
Updated nvidia, AMD, or intel graphics drivers(google it!)
Bittorrent client(same as above)

There has been a pastebin post with a link to a magnet file for a version of halo 5:forge google something along the lines of “halo 5:forge pastebin guide”.
After you find it use it to download the app.Then you must click the start button at the bottom left of the screen and click the settings icon. From there go Update&security>for developers> and click “sideload apps”
Then press the windows button+X and select “command prompt(admin)” then type “powershell” into the command prompt and press the enter key. From there you must enter the command “add-appxpackage C:\Users$YOURUSER$\Downloads$Halo.EAppx$” This is where $YOURUSER$ is replaced with your username and $Halo.EAppx$ is replaced with the name of the 36GB file that contains the halo 5:forge game. Wait another 10 minutes and wala it is installed assuming you enterered the file path for “add-appxpackage” correctly and downloaded it.

After all that you can enjoy halo 5: forge!

(disclaimer I am not responsible for anything you may do with this advice, consider it public domain)

Just to add to the above, be <mark>extremely careful</mark> when downloading files that come via torrents / file sharing sites (i.e. plz don’t) - you won’t get any support here if you follow the methods above. Support only comes to those who have installed from official sources.

Rules are intentionally vague sometimes OP, this one falls under the umbrella of modded / pirated content as not anything official from MS or 343.