how to get my maps played and viewed

can anyone tell me how to get people to play my maps i have 5 or 6 maps on my file share but nobody checks them out… and i think they should be online their better than peoples maps that they post out so if anybody would tell me that would be great

Did you put tags on them so if people search a certain tag and go for “recent files”, then yours should pop up. May I ask what map or gametype it is, so I can see it?

I can arrange a playdate if you want. I also want to show off some things that I have, so if you have a group that wants to combine with mine, we can host some customs together.

How does Friday or Saturday at around 6pm Eastern Time sound?

Sites like Forgehub and Forgecafe can be great for getting your maps played and known around the community. I’d recommend checking them out and possibly bringing your maps to the annual playdates to have them reviewed.