How to get more skip challange after compelting season pass

Is there any other way to get a skip challenge without buying after getting to level 100 in the pass?

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Buy a bunch of rockstar energy drinks. I have 83 challenge swaps and I’m 100 in the battle pass lol

Only buying them with real money. Everyone should clock this before even coming close to finishing the BP.

I also completed the battle pass and have 20 challenge swaps left. I did not buy challenge swaps. I used only a few swaps and completed every weekly challenge.
Did you use the challenge swaps because you had a lot of BTB challenges? Or what was the reason to use them all?

I have around 40 left and am at 100 in BP so won’t get anymore.

The BP gives you 40 on the free track and 1 on the premium.

The Tenrai pass also awarded some I think.

I’ve used 3 swaps in the past , all recently due to BTB issues.

This season keeps going until May so I’m worried I’ll run out and then can’t get the ultimate reward one week