How to get more REQ packs?

So, I was just wondering how you get REQ packs.

Buy them with REQ points you get from matches or with real money. You also get a rank up REQ pack every time you rank up and also a daily win one.

You can obtain Req packs from simply playing the game (Warzone games take longer, but I typically get around 3000 RP per game finished), leveling up, daily wins (one pack for a Warzone win, one for an Arena win), promotional packs (such as buying certain Monster cans, Astro headsets, etc.), and watching the Halo Nightfall series.

Play a lot of war zone.

Warzone for the most req points you get them from arena as well.
If youre after something cosmetic go with warzone.

Get silver packs before you go after gold. Otherwise your wasting points.