How to get into the flight PC.

Click- Community.
Click- Halo insider.
Click- Signup.
Scroll all the way down. Should be a steam key or something. If not, give it sometime.

Hoped this helped out some people. I didn’t know where to look.


Mine was already redeemed when I tried it

> 2535407755092878;2:
> Mine was already redeemed when I tried it

Wait for it. There’s some issue with the steam keys, 343 is working on a fix.

still havent gotten mine lol.

Still nothing for me on my end as well

Worked for me. Thank you many.

My MCC key was already redeemed, I went through steam and it have me the duplication error, infinite sent the email without the message on waypoint

I’m also getting a duplicate key error when attempting to install it from Steam.

got my email invite but the link is not working, I’m guessing the page is getting a lot of traffic