how to get armor from classified codes?

I heard you can get rare armor from terminals or spartan ops by entering in a code any one who explains is Amazing

I’ve figured out one of them, but c’mon, try to do it yourself :smiley: Working on the second. Spoilers just aren’t any fun!

Would you be able to pm me the code? I am so confused ive been trying for hours

Hover over career at the top and click classified, then click enter code and…well…enter your code

Thats the thing i dont know the code

say anyone know the requirements of that “puzzle” code? i dont know what it is.

Can some body please tell me it?

Left shoulder- 1,2,3,10,5,8,4,9,6,7,- now that the order just figure out which stumble it belongs to

Where abouts on the terminal will it say the code?

how do we view the terminals we found in campaign?

U only unlock vids of master chiefs past

yes but how do we view them from waypoint?