How to for new people.

Just a little history on your favorite mode (infection)

Back in halo 2 (when it started) we didn’t have options for it.

We had to play a slayer game type.
Infinite time and score.
We selected zombie based on how many we had in the party.
Picked a small map
Chose zombies on randomness. Host decides or flip a coin or based on random colors ( swaping colors really fast.) browns/greens meant zombie. If more than needed ended up as a zombie then those few did it again or it was host who decided. Normally it was newest to the party or those who haven’t been a zombie yet.

Rules are simple.
Pistol and shotguns.
We had up to 5 minutes to prepare for the attack. Moving boxes and objects in doorways etc. and to give us time to gather.
If you died you had to manually swap teams.
Zombies could not use guns of any sort. Only swords and humans could not use swords.
We kept playing untill all humans had been killed.
If you. Could not follow these rules you got booted. If you cheated you got a boot. If you killed you own team for ammo you got booted.

It was a slayer game type with only shotguns and pistols.
We spawned with swords though and had to pick up ammo or zombies had to pick up swords.

That was zombies before lazy man options.

Race? That was king of the hill… Again before lazy man options.

Why is it so hard to make the game types we had back in halo ce/2/3 when the options didn’t exist for them? Is it that hard for this day on xbl that we the community can’t pull it together snd get social games going? Or is that a bygone era and all we can do is moan about the missing lazy options instead of what we did in the past and make do?

Again this is a community game. Why is the community not doing what communities do?

I have looked at the options for forge and custom games. We have all we need to do things we did in the past. Except we don’t have the lazy man options.

I think it helps when you find the players that are like that. Every time i see Halo 2 all i remember is getting custom game invites for glitches and zombies. Im sure there are still players like this out hter eyou just have to find them

Bringing back so many memories…

Well to be honest everybody sent a game invite to see if anybody wanted to play. Everybody in the party would send a invite to all of their friends. Then those friends did the same.

Basically it was a community that acted like a community.

> Bringing back so many memories…

Yes and you know what? We made halo what it is and the community needs to do it again and get off their butts and do things how we did. We made halo ours. Why can’t we do that again?

I don’t know, it just seems as more stuff was added to make customs easier, people started doing less customs.

I remember all of the fun gametypes people came up with in Halo 2, like Troy (lol, it was fun :x), Zombies, and my favorite–warthog wars. I mean the warthog wars where you played on Coagulation/Wetwork and ran into each other with hogs until someone blew up, and extra people had to run around and try to hijack one, with no shooting.

I’d be up for customs if anyone wants to do them, I miss those days. I kinda suck at Forge though, so many, many things to use for building it just blows my mind.

GT: Pwnyville if anyone is up for customs sometime.

With that Zombies thing, you hit the Nostaliga Nerve. Hard. With a hammer.

> With that Zombies thing, you hit the Nostaliga Nerve. Hard. With a hammer.

That was my point :smiley:

Heck when halo 3 was released it pretty much only had a few game types that 2 had. It didn’t have zombies untill a tu about a 6 months later.

We need the we to get back to the old ways. I mean we would spend days trying to come up with game types and the developer would pick up on it. And add them in as a update and add them as a game type in the playlist.