How to Fix the Unecessary Temp Ban Issue

If you played MCC then you’ve probably been DCed out of games and got banned, or been banned for just ridiculous things out of your control.

This can straight up ruin all motivation to play and kills this games player count (maybe this is 343s goal, to shut down the servers lol).

I can propose a solution.

There’s a progression system in MCC that’s not very well touched on and is relatively unimportant, it’s the Tour system.
All it is, is a system that goes up and gives you a shinier rank emblem in lobbies, and ultimately, doesn’t have a use beyond just showing how much you’ve played MCC.

Now this could be adapted to help MCC by turning it into an Endorsement/Reputation System, I’m thinking somewhere in between the 360 “avoid/prefer player” reputation system, that tracks a reputation and why you got it, and overwatches endorsement system.

Maybe you get rewards of some cosmetic sort, even just raw seasonal points every month (so long as you played x amount of MM games), or it helps you not get banned as much from DCs when you have a high reputation, allowing those who don’t really leave games or aren’t avoided for trolling to have a little forgiveness.

I’ll leave a poll here to see what solutions you guys like.

  • Turn Tour into Reputation System to Prevent False Bans (Tour is Useless)
  • Keep Tour Ranks and Create seperate Reputation System (I Like Both)
  • Keep As Is (Idea Won’t Work)
  • Delete Both (I Hate Useless Rank Systems and Reputation Systems)

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While a some what good idea I would rather the ranks and tours stay as is and then have something separate. Although I don’t think it would be very effective. I don’t think most care about their online rep in any way really.

I will say this in my many years of playing MCC I have come to this conclusion. Hard resets are good to do from time to time of the Xbox, especially before playing MCC. I leave my Xbox unplugged so I essentially do a hard reset before I play every time. Also use a wired connection for downloading and even multiplayer play if possible. Finally turning the custom skins off for H3 helps A LOT. Right now I seem to only experience a random crash while playing H3 with skins on.

Make disconnects cost xp/credits instead of a ban. And if you have a trend of losing XP over time thats excessive, then enforce bans.

Worked just fine back in the day.

The obsession over the tour system/cosmetics is silly. Its a great impetus to keep players involved, and harms nobody.

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The new skins, you mean?

The idea is that those people dont really play halo anyways, and those who troll actively will be banned the most, the people who dont care will probably be banned slightly less, and those who play often and do care would rarely ever get banned falsely

People wont care unless there are cosmetics unlocked for reaching a new tour, and yes, it worked amazingly in the 360 era.