How to fix the seasons, really would like to hear community feedback

My idea, completely remove all maps per season

New maps would replace old maps and maps would be season based

Old maps would still be available in custom games and at a later date forge mode

343 needs to have a team who’s focus is only on creating maps for this to work

They can bring back older maps depending on community feedback as special events or completely adding back key maps players love, i suggest them doing a poll to see the top 3

But if seasons will be 6 months it will kill the game without drastic measures like completely new maps, season 1 already suffers cause of the maps feeling old and lack of things to do, 4 months should be the longest a season is, i get and we get that kinks are being worked out so 2 season 6 months we can deal with but season 3 on should be 4 months, 2 new maps for season 2 will only hold so much water cause players will load into old maps they are already tired of more times than the 1 new map for 4v4 and the 1 for btb

You want to keep the game fresh than do seasonal maps and don’t just add maps, old maps no one want to play cause they ran that map a hundredth time is a no go

So this was my thoughts, parts were aimed directly at 343 management, first part was my idea for the feedback

How to fix the seasons?

Less time. More content.


You don’t like the idea to remove maps and creating new maps to replace the old season maps, it would keep seasons fresh from the start

No. Removing content, especially in a game with so little content, is a bad idea.


…You actually think removing content from the game is a good idea?!


This would be a cool idea but impossible since it takes them 6 months to make 2 maps. COD basically does this once a year when they release a new game but they also have like 3 different studios.

Of course we don’t like that idea if you want them to guarantee matches on the new maps they can make playlists for them for a bit

Like imagine wanting them to remove all the previous maps from rotation for 1-2 new maps

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No i mean replacing maps per season so every season will be a completely fresh start

Yes, what i mean by removing maps i should of said replacing maps, making it seasonal maps so every season will be fresh every time

Think on this right now in arena is 6 maps, soon to be 7, most of the player base is burnt out on these 6 maps, most already left to play other games, but even with the 1 map with 6 months time you’ll have a 1 in 7 chance to get the new map, even if they did more maps by the time we get to season 3 and lets say they add 3 more maps, even that 7th map will be boring, so you’ll have a 3 in 10 chance to get a new map (if they do 3 maps in season 3)

But if they do 6 or 7 maps per season and remove all the older maps from the arena pool every season will be a fresh new experience
Think about it logically

If they did seasonal maps players who left would be more likely to return
I’m thinking about the bigger picture, cause right now halo infinite isn’t a live service at the least

Having a payable market doesn’t make a game a live service but pumping out new content (including maps) does