How to fix the Ranking System

First: I think we all need to understand how the ranking system truly works currently.

The ranking system is solely based off if your team wins you go up and if your team loses you go down. This does not reflect individual skill at all. It doesn’t. You’re stupid to support a competitive skill ranking system which doesn’t express your skill. If you pop a 5.0 KDR and your team mate goes madly negative with a -20 bomb you’ll still be ranked down if you lose. Tell me, does that reflect individual skill? No. It doesn’t. So that’s why we need to fix it. The solo players (including myself) find that we have a very difficult time ranking up when we get terrible team mates who will happily lose the games for us when we can’t carry hard enough. Some players you get are just too heavy weight.

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Here’s how it should work for SLAYER based games. Where the objective is to win by slaying.
-If you’re on the losing team, but are positive, you DO NOT go down in CSR.
-If you’re on the losing team, and are negative, you DO go down in CSR.
-If you’re on the winning team, but are negative, you get 1/2 the CSR points.
-If you’re on the winning team, and are positive, you get full CSR points.

That’s how it should work for Slayer. That reflects individual skill. The current system doesn’t.

Before you ask me how it should work for Objective games, I honestly don’t think it needs to be changed for objective games. It should be based on wins and losses for Objective truthfully, because going negative in Objective doesn’t always mean a bad thing as long as you’re capping the flag or gaining points. So the current system would work for Objective. The current system would also work for Rumble Pit, because technically the team is you and if you win or lose in Rumble pit actually matters. BUT FOR TEAM SLAYER, revise this system. It’s flawed.

then go play halo4 cuz i like the ranking system based of wins… keeps stat whores like you from ranking up

maybe if the losing team had the mvp gets a small point rankup maybe