How to fix the Halo series (Part 2 of 2)

I remember countless hours on these very forums talking with other Halo veterans on how to fix the franchise. The community came up with great ideas, and I even remember tweeting a developer from 343i different community ideas. We loved the Halo franchise, and we wanted it to be saved from the apparent death spiral it was plunging into. Then the trailers for Halo 5 came out, and I wished 343i had just stuck with the Master Chief Collection. When I saw the trailers for the first time, I raged and gave up. 343i listened to almost none of the loyal fans. Please remove sprint, it ruins Halo. Nope, more sprint! Less armor abilities, please? Nope, take these armor abilities! 343i listened to almost none of the community ideas. 343i further chopped away at Halo’s uniqueness and conformed it even closer into the image of COD. How horrible!!! That was the final straw; I walked away from the Halo franchise. I kept an eye on Halo 5 as more information was released, simply hoping that anything redeeming would come about concerning the game. I was horrified at the incoming news.

The shortest campaign in the series? Come on 343i…
No coop? How dare you 343i!
Cortana revived after the perfect death scene instead of being original? What are you doing 343i???
Aiming down the sights like in COD? What is wrong with you 343!!!
Micro-transactions? HOW COULD YOU 343i?!?!?!

343i apparantly learned almost nothing from Halo 4, and they only plunged the series further down into the abyss of corruption. The fair and even skill based gameplay of Halos 1-3 is far and distant from Halo 5. Now we have micro-transactions. Pure and utter garbage.

I gave up on the Halo franchise since the release of Halo 5. I was only inspired to care about the Halo franchise again by watching the videos by Raycevick. He has a great series reviewing all of the major Halo games. He reviews Halo:CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3:ODST, Halo: Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5. He brought back the nostalgia I had for the series, and I remember that Halo franchise is a giant which has fallen. I highly recommend all of you go watch his videos on Youtube.

So here are three simple steps to restore the Halo franchise in the upcoming game, Halo 6:

  1. Return the focus of multiplayer back to skill rather than customization. Go back to Halo 3, and see where you can evolve the series from there. Return skilled playlists like from Halo 2 and 3 and have each player start on a fair and even playing ground. Get rid of all the gimmicks. No more stupid armor abilities, endless sprint, or ground pound nonsense. The equipment from Halo 3 was acceptable because you had to fight over it on the map. Whatever new thing you introduce, put it on the map. All players should start out equal like in Halos 1-3. Push armor unlockables, loadouts, and everything else stupid into the background, and once again put skill at the center of it all.

  2. Delay Halo 6 until the release of a new console. If there is not going to be a new console, then wait 5 years from the release of Halo 5 to release Halo 6. The Halo franchise needs one, golden game to restore the series, so take as much time as possible to make the perfect game. Halo 4 should have come out on the Xbox One rather than on the Xbox 360. Take as much time as possible to have all the features ready on day one. Campaign, Multiplayer, Custom Games, Forge, Theater, and even Firefight should all be ready on day one. Be sure to have an over abundance of maps on day one. No DLC season pass garbage, but have as many maps as possible. Too many maps is better than too little maps. No patches, no updates, just have it ready. We should be able to pick a polished, complete game on day one.

  3. Make a grand finale to the story of Master Chief. Two trilogies is enough. We all love the Chief, and we want a satisfying, grand story. Make the campaign of Halo 6 the longest in all of the franchise. Put as much investment in the story as possible. Give us a great conclusion to a great story arc. We can have more Halo games in the future, but the saga of the Master Chief must close with a bang. The two great tent pegs of the Halo series are the campaign and the multiplayer. Bring back coop, that is mandatory. Bring back the Arbiter. Make this the most emotional and fitting conclusion to a gaming franchise in the history of FPS games. You have one shot to bring back the Halo veterans to play one last time as the Chief, so do not blow it.

Whelp, this is my rant. Thank you all for reading it, and I would love to read your responses. God bless.

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