How to fix superintendent voice lines

Voice lines are good but they sound off.

I’ve narrowed it down…

Lack of modulation
Wrong speech pattern
Vocabulary too big

needs pitch raised, vocoder effect and random micro alterations.

Speech pattern:
less “captain kirk”… more spliced out of context.
As if words weren’t spoken at the same time/ sourced separately like in a spy movie. Make it seem like someone who never said something did…

In ODST the superintendent spoke with a limited vocabulary.

Seemingly restricted to things you’d see on a billboard /signs or is safety manuals, danger advisory.
Things a city ai may come into contact with.

Very abstract but still gets the point across.

Doesn’t have a word for brutes?

So weapons need to be referred to like traffic or disaster terms.
Needler could be explosive roadspikes
High energy traffic cone for power seeds or fusion coils

Wrong Speech Pattern? The lines were written and recorded by the same guy who did the lines last time.

Joseph Staten.

That is because the Superintendent A.I. had to reuse voice-lines that were recorded for other purposes.
Vergil, the subroutine designed by Dr. Endesha to keep an eye on Sadie, had to reuse lines that were pre-recorded for other purposes for city management.

As for the Superintendent A.I. we have in Infinite, it is clearly similar to Lumu and Circ - Dumb A.I.s given a slight upgrade and outfitted for military purpose. As a result, they are only similar to their civilian counterparts.

So as a result, the A.I. we have as Superintendent has more dialogue to utilize as it has been altered to fit combat-purposes rather than city-wide management and monitoring.

Guess I want Virgil instead?
To capitalize on nostalgia.

We want ‘the superintendent’ not “a” superintendent.

Raise the pitch, add the radio or comms filter odst used
Quiet double/ voices and pitch changes on some words.

More virgil jingle and chirp noise.

Mainly its the right voice.
But its to deep and clear.

Maybe virgil mode has some edited vocabulary.

So you want to hear more confusing audio, WHILE listening to gunfire, Spartan voice actors give their dialogue, your own A.I. trying to make a funny line, and your teammates giving callouts over team communication?

Sounds like overkill.
The reason it worked in Halo 3 ODST was the fact that Vergil was part of the environment you explored.
An environment that was quiet at night with few enemy engagements, with no character dialogue coming from teammates and it was two-player co-op only; so one-to-one communication.
ODST was quieter when Vergil was guiding you.
Meanwhile Infinite is much more louder.