How to fix sprint in Halo 4

A problem with Reach right now and sprint is that enemies escape death with a press of a button, sprint shouldn’t be made to run away from battles and escape. They should be used to get to Point A to point B, thats it.

  1. Fast kill times. If every weapon has fast kill times, but difficult to get the max kill time then the game will feel a lot better.

So to encourage this, making the kill times fast (but still difficult to get the fastest kill time, we don’t want a repeat of H2 BR with how easy it was) would make enemies trying to run away a lot more difficult to do so.

  1. Add a bit of stopping power for each weapon to Sprint. Another thing to help with Sprint is to add stopping power, this makes it so if a player is trying to run away he wont get far since the stopping power would make him slower.

Ex. Gears of War 3

With these ideas, it would make sprint a lot more balanced for the game and still make the game faster paced and make it a lot less encouraging to run away from a fight. And use it more to get to point A to point B

Edit: Forgot another point

  1. Make the ranges for utility weapons increased, for the BR make it to H2, and if possible farther. If we were to do that when running away would always to dealt with an easy kill for you.

Or, we could just not have it at all.

People won’t listen to you on these forums…
It’s useless.
I’ve tried.

> Or, we could just not have it at all.

Not going to happen sadly, so we should try to make it the best we can.

> Or, we could just not have it at all.

They are not taking it out, so it would be best to focus on how to make it less of a run away tool, and more of a “get to the fight, power weapons, and help out your buddies” tool.

agreed and supported

Pull pin, throw grenade, shoot head, works every time.

A stun or slowing effect would be fine. I like sprint but if it needs tweaks to keep the babies happy then I am okay with this.