How to fix or make challenges less aggravating

limit challenges to getting kills with vehicles or weapons and playing the objective BUT also make it so teammates assist towards these challenges.

For example: capture 3 flags, if one of your teammates captures the flag you get a point towards your challenge. This would make it so you wouldnt rather have your teammate just die so you can capture the flag yourself.

Another one: get 5 kills with X weapon. If its a power weapon then you’re going to be angry if your teammate grabs it because your chance is gone to progress your challenge. If your teammate getting kills assisted towards your progress I bet most players would be more fine with sharing weapons with teammates and have less players want to just quit matches when their teammates manage to get all the weapons.

Challenges are one of the main reasons its going to be hard for people to want to comeback to season 2, playing against the enemies and your teammates is way too frustrating and sucks so much enjoyment out of the game.

I have an easier fix I would love to see implemented.

Don’t rely so much on Challenges in the first place… make it so you gain XP naturally while playing any gametype. XP for kills, sprees, captures, specific medals, wins, etc. This could be the new Battle Pass system.

Then toss in Challenges for free players to use for Events and free unlocks and for premium players to progress specific commendations inside of the Battle Pass/Events. Or maybe even specific challenges for Ranked/Social playlists. Challenges can now stop solely relying on cosmetic rewards or useless swaps by handing out true XP bonuses that will help you progress a little faster to the end of the Battle Pass. Even if they made this system long and grindy… with good enough rewards throughout it, I would stick it out. Like I did with many Halo games that came before… except Halo 5, 152 was just way too much of a grind lol 149 was as far as I could go.

Each system would have it’s own rewards and perks… the Challenge/Event system being the ‘free part’ for all players and the Battle Pass/True progression section being the “premium” section to those who pay.

The store would still thrive through this whole new ordeal. It would be the only place to get Bundles and other specific cosmetics.

Just my opinion on the subject.

ideally I wish it was more like that too. More of a background reward thing for reaching milestones but the main focus is just playing the game and doing well. A system like most shooter games like battlefield, cod, and even fortnite. Forcing players to do wacky goals mid match is the wrong way to make players feel rewarded.

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