How to "fix" one big issue with the TV show

Use Steve Downes voice when Pablo has the helmet on.

Introduce it to the show as a voice changing helmet hardware security upgrade to protect Spartan identities from innies or some other silver timeline nonsense.

Having actual chief’s voice in there would be a giant leap in the right direction. Prove me wrong.


They have made Master chief look and feel like a normal guy out of a soap series on tv. i never thought he would look like this more lie a shaved hair and humanoid like … its a real joke what he has become .

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i Actual feel sicjk when watching and cant bare watching it ! i feel they should not of done it right now and should be a film not a series its a joke .

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just cancel the show christ! just a big waste of time and money that could’ve gone into showing one of the dozens of stories already in the halo lore that im almost certain a lot of people, even halo fans, don’t know about or would like to see on the big screen. for anyone saying “why dont you just read them” my lazy -Yoink!- just doesn’t feel like reading in the time im not playing the games ok! i just want a movie or a show with all the juicy bits from the books, not freaking master cheeks juicy either, im talking about the real origin between humanity and the forerunners, the formation of the covenant, heck maybe full length movie about atriox and his rise to power!


I even hope that the silver timeline can be more different from the stories in games, novels and comics.
Using the same voice actors as the game will make fans have higher expectations for this TV show.And those stories will make them more dissatisfied.

Hahahahahaha theres wayyyy more than 1 thing that needs changed with that t.v show! Unfortunately its forever tainted now with that shocking first season amlnd the voice is the last of the issues! Why have steve downs dubbing Pablo Schrieber cause its not like he ever has the helmet on anyway!?!

lo the character does not suit master chief looks silly straight of of a soap series lol what a big mistake they made only want money greedy people they don’t care about the franchise .