How to fix Customization

Remove Armor Cores. Let there be only 1 Armor Core which is our character. Make every armor part (helmet, shoulders, visors, chest, legs etc.) it’s own thing and available for that single core. I just don’t understand the point in having so many when we can easily put different types of armor pieces on single core instead. It’s just going to create a mess down the road when we have 30 armor cores we’ve collected from different events. I’d rather have 100 different helmets for 1 armor core instead of 2 helmets each for 50 armor cores. And I hope everyone else in the com does too.

Keep armor coatings. At first I wasn’t a fan, but I’ve learned to appreciate it. I think armor coatings are excellent and would beautifully complement the idea above. I’m aware people hate armor coatings for the simple fact that we can’t choose basic colors. The solution would be to simply make all the basic colors (and shades of them) into 1 option that has lets you select which color you want within that option. Just so it won’t take up that much space in the menu. And free, of course.

Primary/Secondary armor coating. Spartans enjoy expressing themselves. And two heads are better than one. It would be awesome if we were given the ability to customize the other half of our armor using a second coating. And let us choose the other half we would like to edit, whether it be legs and arms, or helmet and chest.

This is how I would fix customization. (not that it’s broken but it could be way better.)

Are you satisfied with the current customization options? What would you like added or removed?


I would add letting you have multiple armor cores if you’d like. That’d let you create a few different looks that you can switch between whenever you’d like quickly, the same way you could have both your spartan and elite setups in Halo 3 and Reach.

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That’s actually pretty clutch. If they reintroduced cores into the game in that fashion then i’d be all for it brotha.