How To Fix Armor

  1. Make armor attainable through a system like Reach, and add onto it achievement based armor (beat campaign on legendary solo, etc), commendation based armor, and have REQ packs buy-able with spartan points so you can take a gamble and get a random award (but not ANY armor that requires an achievement or commendation).

  2. Go for quality over quantity. Yeah we have like 150-200 different armor pieces, but really only 50 or so are any good. So focus on making the 50 best armor that you can. So everything is high quality and unique.

  3. Let players choose if they want color or black body/under suits/ Some armor looks better with it colored and others look better with all black. So let players choose. Have it be based off of primary armor color (the way it is now) so we don’t have ridiculously color Spartans.

  4. Let players have full customization options (helmet, shoulder, armor, etc). You said you took that away to make better armor that fits together, but we haven’t really seen anything different or any benefits from doing that. So let players have full control over their spartan armor, or at the very least just have helmet, shoulders, and body.

  5. Bring back older armor like EOD, Rogue, Military Police, etc in their TRUE form. Sometimes 343i brings back old armor and makes weird unnecessary changes to them.

  6. Armor skins options should be increased (though that could require too much work for the benefits). It should be in a drop down menu (not a separate armor piece) where you can apply a skin to any armor. So some armor in Halo 5 looks really cool but has white stripes all over it, so a system like this could let you remove the white stripes if you wanted to.

all besides 1 and 5 imo sure, some old armor is good, but lets not recycle

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> all besides 1 and 5 imo sure, some old armor is good, but lets not recycle

Well, if you never “recycle” armor then you’d end up with crazy ugly designs cause you can’t use the old ones. And lore wise it makes sense to have the same armor, and also fans want that. There was a whole post about all the armor from previous titles that were not in Halo 5 and they were asking for them to be put back in. It just adds more variety without compromising quality.