How to Explore Under the Map

I don’t know if others have found this hidden (intentional?) entrance to the Under Map, but I found it about 20 minutes ago, so I’d thought I would share. You will need a Wasp.

Update: The written instructions I provided were apparently a bit too hard to understand (which is understandable given that I could not provide screenshots or a video at the time). So here is a short 1 minute video with the location to the entrance.

S (remove the S at the beginning).

A word of caution: it is very easy to get lost, so stray from the entrance/exit at your own peril.


it would have been easier if you just made a short clip, these instructions make no sense


It would have been easier, true enough, but it was 2am when I found it, and I had no time to upload and download what clips I took. If the instructions make no sense to you, then I am sorry. As long as you can find the monument and the Propaganda Tower, you’re in the right area.

I will edit this post tomorrow with a link to a short video.

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There we go. I have posted a short video of where the entrance is located. I hope that makes things a lot easier.