How to erase save games?

Is just that simple question. Hmm how can I erase the saved games of the campaign? If someone can explain it to me, step by step I would be so grateful!

You use another xbox profile. There is no way to erase saved game progress that I am aware of. Also there’s no need to. You can just replay the levels anyway.

Save game data is stored in the cloud, and your console syncs up with the cloud everytime it goes online. The only way for you to “delete” your save would be to delete the local save file from your console and then go offline and play the campaign while not connected to the internet. Pretty sure that the moment you reconnect, you’d resync your game with your save in the cloud.

However, as someone else has said, you can restart your progress on any level; if you want a fresh run, you can do that for whatever level you want. If you restart the game from the first cutscene, any saved checkpoints will be reset.

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I’m viewing my Halo 5: Guardians Saved Data. There’s my data (listed as TheKiltdHeathen 17.1 MB) and there’s "Reserved space installed on Internal Storage 256.0 MB). I’m assuming my two save files (I don’t know why I did two) are on my data. When I go to delete it it gives me the following options.

> Delete TheKiltdHeathen’s saved data for Halo 5: Guardians?
> Choose whether to delete the data on this Xbox console only or everywhere.
> Deleting everywhere will permanently delete all of TheKiltdHeathen’s data for this game or app–from this console and the Xbox network.
> If this game or app shares or accesses saved data across different editions or other games or apps, those may also be deleted if you choose to delete from everywhere.

Now, the big question I have is that if I delete from everywhere, will that include my Campaign Completion (representing that I’ve beaten it on Legendary), my collectibles (skulls and data pads), and Multiplayer progression in terms of REQ cards and such?

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It’s not relevant after three years. Please don’t revive old topics thanks