How to enhance Floodfight/Firefight

I’ve already stated a more comprehensive list of things that should be done to MCC overall. So this is mainly focused on rounding up my feedback for Floodfight/Firefight. With these suggestions I’m assuming it’s not feasible to double the number of enemies, if it is though, of course do that.

  • Significantly increase the fog so that it limits how far the players can see, making it more claustrophobic and scary. This would also make the more open maps feel more appropriate/balanced as there’s a lot of big empty space making it too easy for players.

  • Engineers should boost the shields of Elite Combat Forms.

  • Sentinels should not attack the Flood or any other enemies. It makes sense in Campaign, not in Firefight.

  • Implement Gold Sentinels from H2 and add the Gold Sentinel Beam to both H3ODST and H3. Make it overheat quicker and cause the target to catch on fire and burn(briefly, the fire should not be as powerful as the fire of the Flamethrower.)

  • Add the Magnum and regular Plasma Rifle to H3ODST.

  • Implement missing enemies like Elite Stalkers and add H3 MP Elites as special extra dangerous enemies.

  • Add human enemies to the enemy pool. At least ‘Corrupt NMPD’ as technically that is in line with the lore of ODST. Perhaps implement ‘Rebels’ too that’d be cool.

  • Pure Forms should have their health significantly increased and one of their melees should be instakill or close to it. Currently, Pure Forms feel too easy. They are slow and are often quickly dogpiled by players so this would give them some much deserved gravitas and add to the tension.

  • What the Gravemind voice says should be much more varied.

  • The aggression in which the Combat Forms pursue players should be increased. They should either be firing at the player or charging/meleeing them; never pausing to just stand around.

  • I can’t remember their proper name but the Flood forms that cling to walls sometimes just hang around on a wall somewhere, this is particularly annoying at the end of a round.

  • Infection forms should always immediately be focusing on resurrecting any dead bodies and prioritize this over attacking players. This is a more effective strategy for them and will make the battle feel more populated.

  • Either remove/reduce healthpacks or have the map’s healthpacks be placed around the map in a less obvious way than they currently are, so that injured players are coerced into wandering in the mist.

  • Reduce the ammo in weapons enemies drop in Floodfight.

  • Competitive 2v2 Firefight mode ‘Rivals’ where 2 players fight a rival duo while trying to rack up a higher score.

  • Fix the issues with the Leaderboards and implement Leaderboards for certain default Firefight modes.

  • Create a grotesque Flood biomass undersuit for H3(and other titles). It’s okay to have it clip through whatever the player has equipped, it will just look like it’s growing over/around it. Also, force equip this to infected players in Infection.

Keep up the great work! Sending highfives and hugs to all of the team.


It is already there in Firefight (which is what this thread is about right?). I used it in the last game I played.

These are known as Ranged or Ranger forms. Or you could also be referring to the Stalker forms which I guess can also cling to walls.

Agreed. There is a video that showcases all of the extracted Gravemind dialogue and it would be cool if a lot of these recordings were resurrected and implemented. Furthermore on the topic of dialogue, I noticed that when you play on maps that have Elite allies, sometimes when you exchange weapons with them or ask them to get off of a turret they will refer to you as Arbiter. This needs to be looked at and hopefully fixed.

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Personally, I’d prefer it if the Flood didn’t speak. Makes them less scary IMO, especially when they constantly repeat the same lines. Never liked it in 3.

I found flood firefight super boring. Sure it was well done by the developers but it was too easy with my friend on legendary. I dunno but we couldnt play more than 10min of it. I think its aimed more for kids/casual.

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I think an increase in Flood fog density would be good, but I also don’t want Flood shooting at me when I can’t see them. The range they start shooting at you would have to be reduced so you’re not getting shot out of nowhere. But they should still know where you are just as well as they do now (Or even moreso.), so they can ambush you in groups more often. I think this would largely solve the “Floodfight is too easy!” difficulty problem many people are expressing (Myself included). Flood are easy to kill when you can see them coming a mile away.

I can’t agree on Sentinels not attacking Flood. That’s one of the main things they’re designed for.

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