How to easily fix the XP/Store system with 1 easy update

Ok so I see a lot of people making good suggestions to fix the battlepass, but honestly, I see a way that can fix:

The Battlpass, the XP system, AND the Store all in one fell swoop.

First off remove XP entirely from challenges and replace it with Credits, that way challenges give you credits, instead of XP, there’s the store problem fixed.

Second add performance bonuses to the game that award XP, good players will average around 800 XP per match whereas Noobs will get around 200 to 400, and AFKer’s get a big fat 0 as these are performance bonuses not participation bonuses.

Thirdly, remove the armor core restrictions to allow true Reach style customization.

Fourth: Bring back Color choice and use Coatings as decals that can be toggled to overwrite your color scheme or be turned off in favor of allowing your color scheme to shine.

These are the ideas I’ve had and from a player standpoint these seem reasonable without completely axing out microtransactions.