How to Download screenshots/clips from Halo Reach

I know that this is a few years late…but I was wondering if it is at all possible to download images and video clips from my Halo Reach (XBox) account to my personal account. I tried to do it via Waypoint, but my Halo Reach stats are no longer available. I recently managed to get a few great clips of me playing the Halo Reach campaign, Firefight and Matchmaker, and would really like to download them onto my laptop for bragging rights.

If anyone can tell me how to do it, I would be most grateful.

What I do is capture the clip using the in-built DVR system and send the files to my OneDrive. From there I download them onto my computer.

There are 2 options.
Option 1

  • Create a account and watch your stream. You can also record the stream so you don’t miss the moments.Option 2

  • Press the home button. Right Bumper over a couple. There’s “Record What Happened” that can allow you to record the last 30 seconds all the way up to the last 5 minutes. And “Capture Screenshot”. But, if you capture screenshot. You will also have to share it. I share mine to my activity feed. But when i try to download it, you can’t (from your profile page). It just has a dark effect on it, which can ruin the photo.
    If you are referring to the screenshots and clips you take from theather, you can’t. MCC only supports Game Types & Maps. Of which, you get 50 private files (what’s on your hard drive) and 500 for your File Share.

Not sure about XBOX ONE, hoped to do take those. But I know that if you go into XBOX 360 > system > files > games > Halo : Reach you can find those there. Don’t knoe if they would work by transferring them from XBOX to USB but hope I could help.

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