How to download GET OUT OF MY HOUSE !!!

]Someone invited me to a custom game where we played an awesome map called get out of my house and ive seen youtube videos fo people playing it but nowhere gives a link to download … If you have any idea where to download please comment

Click on Community > File Browser > Change to Halo Reach > Click on Game Types and Map Variants > and you find the Get Out of My House 3.0 Map and Game Type

I want to play this but cant find anyone to play with.

I just downloaded, let me try it. Add me, i have some friends to play with


IS there anyone who has downloaded this and wants to play with me

I had so much fun on this map with my friends.

I still can’t find it.

I assume you bought Reach super late. But if you played a map anywhere, just create a solo lobby of custom games and go into Recent games, and then simply save the most recent map.

Add me I have that map and I am always hosting fun custom games with fun maps like that and even better maps msg me if you want to join

Please don’t revive old topics, thanks.