How to contact 343?

I want to seek approval for something related to my halo book
Searched their website but only found contacts for hiring.
can someone (maybe mods) help?

thank you

If you’re writing a fan fiction, you’re pretty much free to do whatever you want with it as long as you’re not making money off it.

Its a skill guide for shooters in general but specific Halo.
Its not the topic im concerned about, its the sketched masterchief.

There’s no formal way to contact 343 outside of these forums and interacting with their Twitter handle. But I don’t see anything wrong with you asking your question here and having the community help you reach a conclusion.

i even used a ticket to reach further. but nothing than an auto reply.
now time runs out and i have to create a different character

but its ok, i never really had high hopes

Send a letter in the mail to their HQ.