How to contact 343 industries by phone or email ?

Hi guy how you doin listen I don’t know how to contact them on 343 industries and I need to find out sooner the better and I just wanna to know that is all.

Ps: if you really suggest what I did before I right this info I already did like contact Microsoft xbox support and I don’t know really what happen so they just give me a ticket support like where and how to imply this information to this website give a assist don’t keep me waiting I try to give this back to you as sooner as possible bye.

There’s no way to contact them directly OP, posting on the forums is the best way for them to see feedback. What is it that you need to contact them about that you can’t post publicly?

ok buddy or sir if i recall then what you think should i do so i can barely get this resolved sooner as possible but how?, without knowing how long it’s going to be harder but still any manager i could send a message not other but that would be my option i think

You can send me the details in a PM if you want? As I asked above though, is this not something you can post publicly on the forums? If it’s a support request then that should be made in the relevant support forums

ok but still would be recommend to send a message to b for bravo whoever is that person so still or should i send him a message of my request it’s about the Master chief collection only not other game but that one thing itself. That my resolution

Bravo isn’t a community manager anymore. If it’s an issue you are having with the game, you should make a post over on the support forums:

What exactly is the issue? If you tell us what the problem is, we can direct you better.

well who are you snickerdoodle exactly and what your job purpose?

Ps: I can’t waste too much later about the game issue none of you guys weren’t be able to resolve at anytime whatever it’s possibility so still I trying my method like that.

snickerdoodle’s role on the forum is the same as mine: Monitor. We help to enforce the rules of the forum.

We actually might be able to help you if you tell us what the issue is - it could be something within the realms of general support, which we may have been able to solve for you already. As I have said, if it’s a support issue you you have then it should be posted in the forums I linked you to above. Support requests don’t get sent privately to 343 as the solution may be of benefit to someone else.

If it’s not a support request then please tell us what you need to contact them for so we can better direct your request. Again, as I already previously offered, you can send the details to me via PM.

ok but still you told me it’s too late by the time only but can be in the future in the year of 2017 return stuff like cool item and beside I didn’t know back then so I really want to make up that lost time so please I know but I just don’t get that item it wasn’t fair so yeah I know. Maybe in the 2017 or 2018 probably if you do samething as halo 5 was community offer it were be easy on Master chief collection stills.

So it has taken us 2 days to get to this point, where I have already answered your questions a few days ago. As I mentioned previously those items are not available any more, they were only available to those who played the game withing the first few weeks of it launching.