How to check for DNF matches

Hey fellow Spartans!

I’m probably just being dense but I can’t figure out where a match is determined a victory, loss, or DNF in the API. Any help would be appreciated!


If your looking at a list of matches from a players history (Stats - Matches for Player) check the ‘Result’ property (Results[0].Players[0].Result)

> // Indicates what result the player received at the conclusion of the match.
> // Options are:
> // Did Not Finish = 0,
> // Lost = 1,
> // Tied = 2,
> // Won = 3.

If you’re looking a list of players on a single match (Stats - Post-Game Carnage Report) check the ‘DNF’ property (PlayerStats[0].DNF)

> // Indicates whether the player was present in the match when it ended.

If you want to determine if the player is on the winning team from here, you’ll have to check their team id, then look at the team stats and check the teams rank.

Thank you, I can’t believe I missed that!

You wouldn’t happen to know if there’s a way to check how many betrayals a player has, would you?