How to check ban length post Banhammer screen?

I just want to know how long my ban lasts. It doesn’t say on the arena screen, and I missed it on the pop up. Annoyed I got banned, but it’s super frustrating to not even know how long it will last

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There is an FAQ in the Ban thread at the top of the support section.


As of now, I don’t think there’s any way to check your ban duration. Hopefully 343 does something about this in the future.

Yeah, I checked the support section. Nothing. Wish they would have a way to see. Also wish they didn’t treat me like a child for leaving a match, but I digress

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Longest ban ever almost a week. I’m actually getting -Yoink- done! Wow, I wonder how many ppl get banned when everyone does it all the time, leaving the one nerd that never “cheats” to get bum raped. I wish they just added ppl mid game like they used too, to even out the games. If anyone is cheating it is 343 with this bs. It wouldn’t make me want to give up after everyone else did. And have a ban clock on your website at the very least, so people who have spent money on this -Yoink-, know when they are allowed to play again. It just seems like bad parenting. Hope next Halo doesn’t make this mistake. Also, maybe people wouldn’t quit if you added some new maps and again when someone quits add another player. it is really that easy. Such a joke! {Seems more like a social experiment than an actual rule.} I want my $ back. The only reason why I bought an Xbox.

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