How To BXR [Detailed Tutorial]

Hey Guys

My Teammate made this vid and I thought I would share it here, any feedback/ ideas for the next vid are greatly appreciated! Cheers.

“I Made this tutorial video today for all the new players going into Halo 2 for the first time. Let me know what you guys think and if I should do more. Thanks! :)” -K2Five

Does anyone know if this works in the anniversary version?
I’m sure someone must have tried to do it.

I used LXR (Boxer) in Halo 2, made the timing way easier. That’s a good tutorial though.

You can also BXR in Reach, assuming you are on the same system, on lan, have very minimal lag or are host.

R _ RY - rb (or whatever your melee button is).

It’s similar to an old Halo 2 glitch where you could shoot yourself in the back of the head. The idea is that in the few moments before the second shot, as you pull the trigger, you switch the weapon and melee (it’s an animation cancel of sorts). The moment you melee, the shot you delayed rings out. Your melee breaks the shields and the headshot gets the kill, almost instantaneously (if not).

Very effective with the Magnum, NR, DMR. Done it with the sniper in a live game as well.

Here’s a video tutorial.