How to Bring Back Halo

343i with their new HCS league has already had a really good start on growing competitive Halo and they are moving into the right direction. Weekly online cups and monthly LAN events are giving competitors something to play for again. But they need to take it a step further to substantially grow scene as a whole and with them wanting to base their HCS of the the LCS I believe 343 should a little closer into how riots multiplayer interface works. If you look at LoL and even Dota 2 the reason why these games are so successful in the competitive scene is that their majority of players are playing the competitive settings. If 343i followed suit and made the Halo 5 multiplayer interface so that the majority of our population was playing the HCS playlist we would see a vast increase in teams participating, stream numbers, organizations, sponsors, etc. These changes if implemented correctly could lead to some drastic improvements in the Halo community and it only has to do with the interface alone.
Ideal Set up

  1. Make HCS only Ranked Playlists. If you the HCS settings the only ranked playlists available this will increase activity by leaps and bounds. You want your majority in these playlist so give them a reason to be. Players want something to play for and want to achieve a goal. With your new tier system now they can have that. In my opinion you should have two ranked playlist both which will be having their own sections at your sanction LAN events and that being a 4v4 and a FFA.

  2. Make the HCS playlist very first playlist to choose from. This is overlooked but a very crucial point. For online gaming the very first playlist is usually the most populated one. This is because its simply the very first playlist that everyone has to look it at when they click multiplayer. Think of it like this the more exposure a playlist has the the larger the population will be within it. This goes especially with new users who just bought the game and have never played it before. So Make the 4v4 and FFA the very first playlist to see for every user once they click multiplayer.

  3. Limiting Other Playlist. Now by doing this you cannot take away your traditional Halo playlist that everyone enjoys and loves to play such as doubles or BTB. But you want to keep the playlist to a minimum. To me the best number of playlist to please everybody would be five. This way you have options for all different kinds of halo players from casual to hardcore and new to old.


  • Ranked HCS
  • Ranked HCS FFA
  • Doubles
  • BTB
  • Monthly Throwback (Swat, GrifBall, Snipers, Etc)
  1. Leaderboards. Showcase your “Pro Tier” players with their K/D ratios, Win loss record, twitch channel to help brand your top players, etc. This will make players want to achieve that leaderboard status. You would want to have a Team section and Solo section so you can see which 4v4 squads and individuals are at the top and are being showcased.

  2. Spectate HCS Matches. With the Halo Channel or even the game itself using the new spectator mode you should always have a High Tier game from the ranked matchmaking able to be spectated for anyone who is on the game and wants to just want to watch some live Halo. Similar to the LoL Homescreen where at the bottom right you can spectate a ranked match at any time. If people are watching competitive halo and they enjoy it they are more than likely to try it out which is ultimately what you want.