How to be good in Halo Wars.

You must be good at the game and follow these instructions.Playas Anders because she simply is an anti-everything leader because she has Hawks which own Grizzlies and ODST’s she also has Gremlins which upgraded enough and with good Micro,can own a Scorpion rush.(A mixture of fully upgraded Gremlins and Cobras with fully upgraded Spartans in them owns all vehicles)Anders also has Warthog rush which owns LOWER ranked players and cryo bomb LITERALLY drops air units like flies,this works well if someone makes Vampires and you only have Hawks and can slow down Wolverines so your Hawks can kill a few and then when they kill alot of your Hawks you can replace the with Cobras and or Gremlins.

Heres a few things to know to win most of your battles and other stuff that will help you,Power turret tanks>Grizzlies and if you don’t believe than go on Youtube and look up “Halo Wars Mythbusters EP 1 Tanks” and if you still think Grizzlies are better than keep going through the same exact Halo Wars mythbusters series until you find the episode "Grizzlies revisited"than you should change your mind.ALWAYS build Reactors in the back because if your enemy is Rushing you but not planning on killing you but desroying your Reactors and than he will have to send his to the back of your base which can give some time to make some turrets and or some counter units.When you think about upgrading to Heavy supply pad but you have enough room on your base to make another supply pad than because 2 supply pads make supplies faster than 1 heavy supply pad.

I personally like Forge the best beause he’s my best leader but I see that Anders is easily the best leader in the game.I made this because Halo Wars players lacking skill now a days and I want a good match so I hope this improves Halo Wars players.

I have had pretty good success with Arbiter while facing Anders or Forge. With Anders, if I’m going to straight defensive I’ll get my turrets up to large status and upgrade them with AA abilities. Forge, the same but with the Fuel Rod upgrade. Fuel Rod upgrade is pretty good against a Warthog rush as well.

Finished a game where I was able to bring out 2 scarabs and decimated 2 waves of grizzles before I was really in place to begin the offensive. I did lose both scarabs, but was able to bring out another two in the mean time.

After I had both out and arbiter I went on the offensive and destroyed his two extra bases. Right as I was on his front door step with my scarabs he resigned. :frowning: Ahh well.

Brute Chieftan does extremely well against a pack of HAWKS as well. His vortex ability when fully upgraded can take down a lot them fairly quickly.

you must not see many people who use jackals because anders horrible against them
hawks are destroyed by jackals and so are odst’s.
and grimlins can hardly do any damage aginst infantry so your plan only works on unsc