How to balance the Banshee, Tank and Mantis

Give the Banshee, Tank and Mantis an ammo count. I think this would help the big team games being completely dominated by these vehicles.

Eg. Give the tank 10 shots, you are still encouraged to get in the tank because it is still really powerful, but after ten shots it becomes useless and has to re-spawn later on in the game.

I’ve been on the receiving end of complete and utter domination of the tank and banshee, especially on Exile. I’ve also been the won dominating spawn killing people. If their was an ammo count I think it would make the game flow better.

What do you think, do you have a problem with these vehicles, or do they need to be balanced in some way?

Plasma Pistol.

Uh…they are already balanced? People can spawn with the plasma pistol and stickies. If anything vehicle combat is now a little lack luster because of those things.

Not sure about the banshee… pretty easy kill IMO.
But the Mantis could use a speed nerf… i think it would be balanced if it was slower than the players sprint

> Plasma Pistol.

Ditto. It’s only ever a problem if i’m dealing with a vehicle+his teammates and I’m doing it solo. PP, 1v1 vehicle it’s so easy.

You can spawn with a Plasma Pistol. Anytime I have trouble with vehicles, I just switch to my Anti-Vehicle loadout: Plasma Pistol, stickies, and a jetpack. It will pretty much guarantee a dead vehicle.

No, here’s out to balance it. Don’t have all of the weapons despawn less than 10 seconds after death. It gives the vehicles and any neglectful team an unfair advantage over others.

Not to mention if your team shoots at the vehicles, then they will get shut down easy. I find that alot of people neglect to shoot at the tanks’ canopy, which exposes the driver for a easy headshot, quickest way of dealing with the tank since Halo 2.

They are fine. Hell, I stunned a tank 4 times in succession a few games ago and got a rage message calling me a plasma pistol using noob.

Leave the vehicles alone, an ammo count would just steer people away from using them.