How the req system could be improved

Ok so I think that we can all agree that the req system in Halo 5 isn’t that great, the idea is great but it doesn’t work all that well, now I’m not hating on the game as I’m a massive fan of Halo, but I believe that the req system can either be improved for the next Halo game or completely removed.
Trying to obtain good req cards can be extremely difficult for your average player in Halo, if you spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars’ worth of req packs then yes you will be getting some extremely good req items. Although if you are the normal everyday Halo player you are going to have a rough time trying to get good req items, let me explain… Halo 5’s req system is completely random, you open up a gold pack and everything you get is random, there are some rules put into place so that you won’t open up a bronze pack and get Helljumper but apart from those rules and the packs that are given out with specific items in them everything else that you have unlocked is random.
Now yes I have got some mythic items just out of sheer luck but obtained them through packs designed to give you mythic items, I have never unlocked a mythic item through opening a gold req pack, and that’s where the issue with the req system starts. To unlock really good items in Halo 5 you have to go through a process of elimination, opening the same type of pack over and over until you obtain nothing useful through that type of pack, the you move onto the next pack and do the same process etc.
This means that trying to unlock those mythic pieces of armour requires you to spend thousands of dollars on req packs or grind through games so that you can buy a pack and get the Seeker Helmet. Now that sounds like a stupid statement but it’s true, you’ll play game after game so that you can bu a gold pack and then get absolutely nothing. I fully understand that you will eventually be able to unlock these items, although the issue is the grind before being able to unlock these items, there is literally no chance of getting Helljumper without first unlocking pretty much every common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare and legendary piece of armour first. This means that there isn’t any such thing as pack luck in Halo 5, other games that involve pack systems make opening packs so much fun, a great example would be FIFA, there are so many videos of people packing some awesome rare player that not everybody is guaranteed to get, which leads me to my next point.
Eventually everybody that plays the game will have unlocked every item unlockable in the game, meaning that some piece of awesome armour that you have worked your -Yoink- off for isn’t really that special as heaps of other people will also have that piece of armour. An example of a game that makes different cosmetics feel really rare and special is COD, there is no guarantee that you will get every camo, emblem, player card etc. that’s what makes it fun to open the supply drops, even if you have just started playing the game there is a chance that you will unlock some sort of really rare piece of equipment. That type of excitement doesn’t really exist in Halo 5, yes I will admit on that off chance of getting something of high rarity is exciting but it just doesn’t match up to other games were getting something of high rarity is just freaking out of this world.
For the next Halo game that comes out I would like to see one of several things, fix the req system so that it works better and there is that chance of unlocking a mythic without having to unlock everything else in the game first, not force players to eventually unlock every piece of equipment available or just remove the req system. If the req system is removed then go back to either the Cr system or make it so that you have to complete different challenges and achievements to unlock specific pieces of armour, preferably I would like to see the Cr system come back but I have a feeling that 343 will stick with the req system no matter what anybody says.
So that’s my opinion on what I think of the req system and what should happen with it in future Halo games, tell me your thoughts and ideas on this topic as I will eventually be making a video about this, and any comments left in this forum will be featured in the video I make.

Personally I think the entire ReQ system needs to go! It takes any hope of realism out of the game, and is more difficult to obtain wanted items than it should be. One spends way too much time at the ReQ booth thus taking too much time away from the important parts of the game…namely strategy, tactics, and killing each other. And to be perfectly honest, I’ve not heard ANYONE say that it has added to their enjoyment of the game! It merely adds another unneeded condition to the game and causes a lot of equally unnecessary confusion!