How the Ranking System Should Be!!

Okay first off I want to say that I have played every halo game ever made. My gamer tag that most people know me as is DoCtErPiLgRiM. I wanted to make this thread because I know a lot of gamers such as myself who would like to see te turn out of Halo 4 to be one of the best. One of the biggest factors in my opinion after the game itself is how to judge skill. Competitive players look for a goal or something to show and prove. As funny as it sounds in halo the ranking system does that. It makes you try to get the best team or players to play with it like takes it to another level. I think that the ranking ststem of halo 2 at the beginning with the leader boards on bungie was one of the best systems out there. It got people hooked on playing the game. Halo 3 was ok but it seems as If they got a little more away of the competitive side and made it easier. Halo reach on the other hand in my opinion was a bust. Worst of the halo’s by far. So why you would take anything from that game dumbfounds me. If you look at how many people played halo2 or 3 compared to reach I’m sure it is a huge difference. Me myself stopped playing once reach came out because one it didn’t even feel like halo anymore. I realize they are trying to make money and make everyone happy when it comes to creating a game but have you ever heard I it’s not broke why fix it… Lol. I wanted to ask what other people what ranking system they would want? Compare it to halo 2,3 and reach.

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