How the needler works.

How do you think the needler works???
My theory is that wen it locks on a atificial gravity field propell’s it in the direction of the target.
The kristals them self could just be reactive compound of some sorts.
Let me know what you think.

I believe this was in a canon fodder or posted somewhere, but apparently the UNSC is working with friendly Elites (post-war obviously) to figure out exactly how the Needles hone in on victims. So even within the Universe, no one really knows. They just know that it works.

It must be the compound of the needles themselves. The way they are carved into projectiles and fired at a high rate cause the needles to hone.

They were originally developed for use in the Imperial Navy. Since stormtroopers couldn’t hit anything, the higher-ups decided to design a weapon that would self-correct, thus compensating for the utter incompetency of their armed forces (which of course makes you wonder how the Empire conquered the galaxy in the first place).

To manufacture the needler rounds, a Sith Lord had to embed a time-delayed jedi mind trick into each crystal. Think of it as a Microsoft Excel formula: =IF(fired,“this isn’t the target you’re looking for”). Ironically, this made it more expensive to manufacture the needlers than to train and maintain their stormtroopers, so the needler prototypes were mothballed. Several cycles later, a strike team of many brave bothans captured the blueprints and delivered them (at a great cost in life) to the Prohpet of Retcons.

The needles get charged as they exit through if I recall correctly.

Needler needles can somehow locate enemies despite being lumps of crystal, even going so far as to determine whether a potential target is allied to the wielder. They can change their direction midair without possessing jets, aerofoils or apparently any mechanism whatsoever. Instead of being loaded into a magazine, they stick out of the gun in complete disregard for even the most basic health and safety. I mean, not only are these things sharp, they literally explode once they pierce flesh. The Covenant probably lost more soldiers to dropped Needlers than they did in combat. Oh, and then there’s the fact that despite all these near-mystical properties, the projectile speed is so slow that the weapon’s utterly useless.

In summary, much like Marines flipping Warthogs and the complete destruction of every Armour Lock module post-Reach, this is one of the “don’t think about it too much” areas of canon.

Let me note that researchers at Kolaar Manufactorum not knowing how the needler works does not mean that the designers at Lodam armoury don’t. In the end though the results of the research at Kolaar Manufactorum are inaccessible by ONI. Furthermore we know that the needler uses heat signatures to track targets and it also has an IFF system. The needles will track only when the weapon is fired and blow up limbs of a target.