How The LCE Disc Swap Will Work!

I saw a comment by a person who works at Ebgames Australia explaining how the disc swap for the LCE will work!
Ebgames will be adding the standard edition (with case and everything) of Halo 5 to the LCE at no extra cost.
The catch to this is that it will release on yhe 27th this was confirmed for Aus though no news.on the rest of the world! But it should be the same! Also youll be able to keep digital and standard so you can gice one to a friend or keep one unopened as a collectors item if your one of those ppl!
But before getting hyped we should wait for 343 to confirm this!

With all due respect, a random person at EB Games in Australia is definitely not a valid source and I’m disinclined to leave this thread open for wild speculation based off of third party information.

I highly suggest you wait for official information from 343 about the situation rather than play the guessing game.