How the halo movie died..

This article explains in great detail how the Halo movie died, a sad read indeed.

A Halo movie would only work if they didn’t put too much emphasis on combat and special effects.

A Halo movie would need a good story, not just random Yoink blowing up.

Maybe combat in some parts, but combat shouldn’t dominate it.

It should also be accessible to people who don’t play the games. Don’t expect everyone to know what a “Banshee” or a “Forerunner” is.

Im glad it did. Halo is more suited for anime.

Why Microsoft haven’t created or bought their own Movie studio or simply using 343 Industries or Microsoft Game Studios is beyond me.

You can’t honestly tell me video games of AAA standards like Halo don’t already 95% of disciplines or assets that a movie requires? Lighting, audio, direction, script, actors, motion capture, special effects, grips, producers, accountants…they’re all there ready for the retooling into a Halo movie franchise.

Microsoft Game Studios and Xbox have more than enough money from xbox live subscribers and the Halo franchise alone. Any talent or assets they may be missing could simply be hired or purchased anyway.

Again, why hasn’t this happened already?

I’d prefer them to make more animated Halo films. I wouldn’t mind a movie but most movies based off video games aren’t really that good or stray too far from the source material.